Put your brand name on the blockchain

What is provides an immutable proof of existence for your brand's assets.

A timestamped proof of existence is added to a blockchain of your choice to prove that your brand name exists and, most importantly, existed at an irrefutable date and time.

Proof of existence is especially useful in trademark disputes. It can also be used as evidence of existence when applying for a registered trademark.

Modern trademark proof of existence

Why put your brand name or trademark on the blockchain?

There are several reasons why one might put their trademark on the blockchain:

Tamper-proof and immutable record: The blockchain is a decentralized, digital ledger that is resistant to tampering and modification. Putting a trademark on the blockchain creates an immutable record that can be used to prove ownership and authenticity.

Easy to verify: Because the blockchain is a public ledger, anyone can view the information stored on it. This makes it easy for others to verify the authenticity of a trademark that is on the blockchain.

Increased security: Because the blockchain is resistant to tampering, it offers increased security for trademark information compared to traditional methods of recording and storing trademark information.

Integrating your brand identity or registering your trademark using blockchain technology offers numerous advantages. Blockchain, a decentralized and digital ledger system, ensures an unalterable and secure record of your trademark. This immutable registration acts as a robust proof of ownership and authenticity, enhancing your brand's protection.

The transparency of blockchain allows for effortless verification of trademark authenticity, as it is accessible to the public for inspection. This feature significantly streamlines the process for others to confirm the legitimacy of your brand's trademark on the blockchain.

Moreover, the inherent resistance of blockchain to modifications provides superior security for your trademark data. This level of security surpasses conventional methods of trademark documentation and storage, safeguarding your brand's identity against infringement and unauthorized alterations.

Leveraging blockchain technology for your trademark registration not only fortifies your brand's authenticity and ownership but also simplifies the verification process and boosts security, making it an invaluable tool for modern brand management and protection.

Modern trademark proof of existence

Why you need proof of existence

Digital fingerprints of documents, stored on a blockchain means that we can provide an immutable, irrefutable, decentralised record of your brand's name to prove that it existed at a certain date and time.

Proof of brand existence on a blockchain reduces paperwork and administration.

The immutable record stored on a blockchain is future-proof. It will be stored there forever and can be accessed by any system.

The proof of existence can be validated with any SHA256 hashing tool. So you are not locked in to any particular proof of existence provider.

Establishing proof of existence for your documents through digital fingerprints on a blockchain offers unparalleled advantages. By utilizing blockchain technology, your brand can secure a decentralized, unchangeable, and undeniable record that certifies the existence of your brand's name at a specific date and time. This method significantly minimizes the need for traditional paperwork and administrative processes, streamlining brand management. The permanence of the blockchain ensures that your proof of existence is preserved indefinitely, making it a future-proof solution for authenticating your brand's historical data. This record is universally accessible and can be verified through any system compatible with SHA256 hashing tools, offering flexibility and independence from any single proof of existence service provider. Leveraging blockchain for proof of existence not only enhances efficiency by reducing bureaucratic overhead but also provides a secure, permanent, and easily verifiable way to establish your brand's historical authenticity.

Getting started

Our Process

1. Make a project

Create a project on WikiTrademarks. Projects should include items you wish to add to the blockchain.

2. Generate your hashes

Generate a one way (SHA256) hash that uniquely identifies your trademark. SHA256 hashes will always match the original document

3. Timestamp on the blockchain

Get your document's hash permenantely timestamped and added to a blockchain

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Frequently asked questions about

Does it mean I'll have a registered trademark?

No, but it will help with your trademark registration

Adding your trademark to the blockchain serves as proof of existence at a certain time. If you can add proof of usage as well it will be beneficial when applying for your trademark at the USPTO.

How does blockchain technology benefit trademark registration?

By logging an immutable timestamp for proof of existence

Blockchain technology offers a secure, immutable ledger ensuring proof of existence, authenticity, and a tamper-proof record of the trademark's existence.

Can blockchain replace traditional trademark registration methods?


While blockchain provides an additional layer of security and verification, it complements rather than replaces traditional registration methods recognized by law.

Is blockchain-based trademark registration recognized worldwide?

It varies by jurisdiction

The recognition of blockchain-based registrations may vary by jurisdiction. Traditional registration processes are still required for legal protection in many countries.

Is related to any government office?


We are a an independent service provider providing blockchain hashing services that can be used as a proof of existence.