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Frequently asked questions about

Does it mean I'll have a registered trademark?

No, but it will help with your trademark registration

Adding your trademark to the blockchain serves as proof of existence at a certain time. If you can add proof of usage as well it will be beneficial when applying for your trademark at the USPTO.

How does blockchain technology benefit trademark registration?

By logging an immutable timestamp for proof of existence

Blockchain technology offers a secure, immutable ledger ensuring proof of existence, authenticity, and a tamper-proof record of the trademark's existence.

Can blockchain replace traditional trademark registration methods?


While blockchain provides an additional layer of security and verification, it complements rather than replaces traditional registration methods recognized by law.

Is blockchain-based trademark registration recognized worldwide?

It varies by jurisdiction

The recognition of blockchain-based registrations may vary by jurisdiction. Traditional registration processes are still required for legal protection in many countries.

Is related to any government office?


We are a an independent service provider providing blockchain hashing services that can be used as a proof of existence.